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Antenatal care during
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The Best Antenatal Workshops on the Gold Coast


Early Pregnancy Workshop

This workshop is geared for just the Mums during the early stages of pregnancy – from around 20 weeks to about 32 weeks. The kicks are coming in and it’s a lovely time to be pregnant…mostly…!

In this workshop, the women are taught about what’s going on – the changes to the body, how to manage aches & pains, how to prevent abdominal separation, new sleeping positions, constipation & incontinence help, safe exercise, finding pelvic floor muscles leading to long term pelvic health and much more!

Classes run once a month, spaces are limited. Book by calling Reception on 07 5578 5832.

The class is $110 and is for 3 hours.

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Birthing Education Workshop – 2 step class

This workshop is cast over 2 Saturday mornings in a row. It’s for the mother & birthing partner to attend. If you are solo, you are also very welcome & we’d love to have you. This is for around the   32 week+ mark of your pregnancy and it’s more about the nitty gritty.

In this workshop it’s about educating women & partners about the birthing process & options for them. There are interactive activities, you are taught about the stages of labour, labour guide, stress, fear & safety, medical interventions, birthing preferences. It’s also about comfort measures – environment, support, relaxation measures, interactive movement & positioning, obstetric analgesia choices. It’s about life with baby – postnatal recovery & adjustment, appearance & care of the newborn, infant feeding, support & useful resources.

You receive a comprehensive manual called Preparing for Birth, which is yours to keep, write in, take with you wherever you go!

Classes run every month on a consecutive fortnight basis, spaces are limited. Book by calling Reception on 07 5578 5832.

The class is $240 (both workshops included) and is for 5 hours each Saturday.

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