Helping Your Teen Tackle Acne.

Acnethat pesky skin issuehas a knack for showing up uninvited, especially during the tumultuous teenage years. But don’t fret! In this blog post, we’ll take a friendly and reassuring approach to helping your teen with treatment for their acne with our IN HOUSE Dermatologist, Dr.Stephen Thomas

Fact 1: Acne is super common.

If your teenager is dealing with acne, rest assured, they’re not alone. Dr. Thomas is here to help navigate the breakouts and blemishes of adolescence with expert guidance and if required, the relevant medication.

Fact 2: Sun and skin is a ‘delicate dance

Australia’s sunshine is legendary, but when it comes to acne, it’s essential to have some sunscreen wisdom. Some teens are still sun-baking and not being sun-smart.
We need to get the message across sunbathing won’t give you clear skin – but it might give you a sunburn!”
Help your teen make friends with sunscreen, especially if they’re using acne treatments. Some of those can make the skin more sun sensitive. We wouldn’t want our young ones damaging their skin.

Fact 3: Tailored treatments are your best option.

Every teenager’s skin is as unique as their taste in music! Dr. Steve knows this and tailors each solution to the individual. He customizes treatment plans and can prescribe creams, medication, or other complementary treatment options.
When it comes to acne, leave it to the expert, because those over-the-counter potions might not cut it for the stubborn and chronic cases.

Fact 4: What’s on their plate matters

Your teenager’s diet isn’t just about chicken nuggets and instant noodles. We encourage them to put those fruits and veggies on the plate!
There’s a connection between diet and acne, and while results can vary, reducing dairy, sugary stuff, and highly processed foods might be a recipe for better skin for some teens. We believe in holistic carenot just creams and medication, but also what’s on the menu.

Fact 5: Beyond Skin: We can help offer additional support.

Acne isn’t just about what you see in the mirror; it’s about how your teenager feels inside. We get that, and we are here for emotional support too. Acne can make teens feel self-conscious, embarrassed, or downright blue.

Sometimes it’s not just about treating the skin it’s about treating the whole person.


Parents, you’re not alone in this journey! Medical on Miami & Dr Thomas are here to help your teenager battle acne.
As one of the Gold Coast’s most trusted Dermatologists (and fellow parent) Dr. Steven has your back.
With our friendly guidance and expert insights, you can help your teen conquer acne with confidence. From sun protection to personalised treatments, mindful eating, and emotional support, we take a holistic approach to teenage skin health.

Clearer skin and happier teens are just a friendly visit away!