It can affect more than just your emotional health if left too long.
Join us for 6 useful tips and links to help combat a case of the nigel-no-mates (at any age)

As we know, exercise is excellent for your health, both mentally and physically and a fantastic opportunity to meet people and get some social connection.

Age should be no barrier to physical activity – it’s about finding activities that you enjoy and are right for you.

The Gold Coast City Council run the Active & Healthy Program offering a broad range of free and low-cost activities that are fun, enjoyable and suitable for all shapes and sizes. Activities are delivered by qualified and supportive fitness and wellness professionals. Including YOGA, TAI CHI, AQUA & KIDS ACTIVITIES.

*Make sure you speak with your doctor before starting a new kind of physical activity, if it’s been a while since you were active, or if you have a health condition.

Technology can also be a great way to stay in touch? If you feel like you’re a bit out of your depth you can build your skills in online social networking with the Tech Savvy Seniors Queensland program, which is offered at local libraries across the state.

iPhone fan? The Apple store is also a fantastic place to learn new tricks, and offer free classes every day and is a great place to feel connected. Check out the latest classes here

SHAKE YOUR GOOD THING (you don’t even have to hit the clubs!)
Many dance studios offer adult classes for men and women. You can even find some that have single class options – no need to commit to a full term – see if you like it first!

That’s My Jam offer positive, energetic and judgement free dance space for women.
Jamming to a mix of hip hop, afro, dancehall and heels styles, the classes are fun, dynamic and welcoming.

With easy to follow choreography that is all about making you feel inspired by passionate movement and powerful tunes. Feel safe and engaged in a space that encourages you to let go and dance.

We don’t mean become that person who tells you their deepest darkest secrets while in the line at the supermarket, but try smiling to someone on the street or opening up a conversation while you’re in a queue. We can feel lonely even if people are in our lives. It can happen to new parents when they have a baby or if your partner works remotely or just a disconnect from your family or social group at times. Remember a phone call or a message can be the starting point to open up friendships. We can often think others are busy with their lives but maybe they are also looking for some real-life human connection also.

If you’re a social media lover, remember it can often be a hugely glorified version of real life. It’s important to not compare yourself to unrealistic portrayals. We all have our struggles and it’s important to keep that in mind when you scroll through!

That’s right – unplugging is a great way to open yourself back up to the world. Take a walk down to the beach, jump in the ocean, read a book, take a bath or give meditation a try.
There are some fantastic groups of the Gold Coast that are perfect for beginners and also a great place to potentially make friends. The Australian School of Meditation & Yoga offer an amazing timetable of classes and beginner sessions too, located just down the road from us at MERMAID BEACH too.

Remember we offer Psychology & Counselling services you can book in confidentially online or via email or phone 07 5576 5832.