Making a Covid kit.

Doctors are advising it’s a good idea to be prepared for the possibility of a positive test for yourself or in your home.
Without panic buying or excessive stockpiling, you can sensibly put together a kit for you and your loved ones.




✔️  RAT TESTS – Yes we know these are incredibly hard to find currently, but if you can find them they are an important addition to your kit.

✔️  PAIN RELIEF – Panadol or Nurophen



✔️  FOOD AND ESSENTIALS plan for 2 weeks of supplies if possible,. Keep in mind there are extended wait for online deliveries from some services.
Prepare ahead extra meals in your freezer, arrange backup of formula for babies and toddlers and also don’t forget food for your pets.

✔️  STAY AT HOME ACTIVITIES – card games, board games, reading materials or audio books, lego or games for kids.

✔️  CHILD CARE OPTIONS – if accessible or needed, it’s good to have a plan in place.

✔️  SUPPORT NUMBERS keep on hand easy access to numbers to call if you need help, including your health worker or GP.

✔️  COVID CARE PLAN – If you have a preexisting condition or are elderly, it is always a good plan to have a care plan in place

Call Triple Zero (000) if you:

• are so breathless you are unable to say short sentences when resting

• suddenly find it hard to breathe or your breathing has gotten worse

• cough up blood

• feel cold and sweaty, with pale or blotchy skin

• have a rash that looks like small bruises or bleeding under the skin and doesn’t fade when you roll a glass over it

• collapse or faint

• feel extremely agitated, confused or very drowsy

• stop urinating or are urinating much less than usual.

If you have the capacity to share a kit with a family member, neighbour or loved one please do.
We all need to be mindfully helpful to those in need.


HOME ISOLATION Is it possible to safely isolate a positive case in your home, whether its a family situation or house mate, it’s important to have a plan on how and what is possible and expected of each household member.

STAY CONNECTED It’s important to stay connected to family, friends and colleagues. They are your support network and can help you through a crisis.

Social connection and interaction are very important for maintaining our mental wellbeing. Communication channels, such as text, email, video calls and chat can be very helpful in staying connected.

AIRFLOW as COVID-19 is an airborne disease its important to have ventilation, open windows where possible. If you have an air purifier place it near where the positive person is.

SURFACES practise hygiene of all surfaces and spaces, if possible the covid positive person should use a separate bathroom.

ENDING ISOLATION You are required to isolate for a minimum of 7 days and have had no symptoms for 48 hours (except if the only symptom is a mild dry cough that is not getting worse).

Please continue to wear a mask to protect others and protect yourself from reinfection.