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Physiotherapy for Neck Pain, Headaches and Migraines

Neck pain comes in many different forms, ranging from the mild ache to the acute twinge and chronic pain. At times neck pain can also extend on to causing headaches and in some cases migraines which can have a significant impact on day to day living. During these times physiotherapy is proven to be an extremely effective form of treatment to provide relief in these moments.

Our physiotherapy services cater for targeted areas including neck pain, shoulder pain, cervical pain, trapped nerves, headache & migraine related pain.

Types of Headaches that Physiotherapy can help with:

Headaches are extremely common and can be triggered from an array of health conditions. Physiotherapy however can be effective in treating:

Cervicogenic headaches: Headaches which arise from issues within the neck. This variation of headache responds quite well to various manual therapy techniques such as manipulation, massage and postural correction to improve function and alleviate pain.

Tension headaches: These headaches can be triggered by emotional and or physical stress causing tightening of the muscles surrounding the back, shoulders, neck and head. These types of headaches will often feel like there is an increased pressure because of these tightened muscles.

Migraines: Migraines can be extremely painful and are frequently associated with other sensory disturbances to the visual, auditory, sensory and verbal systems. It is quite common for someone suffering from a migraine to have additional symptoms such as nausea as well as sensitivity to both light and sound.

How can physiotherapy help with neck pain and headaches?

Physiotherapists are extremely skilled in the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions throughout the human body. They have an in depth understanding of how the ligaments, joints and muscles function throughout the body and therefore can utilise these skills to diagnose, treat and manage conditions associated with these areas. Physiotherapist will frequently use a combination of hands on techniques such as massage and manipulation alongside functional exercises to decrease your pain.  They will provide education on your condition as well as tips for how to manage your pain at home. A physiotherapist will also look at potential triggers for your pain or headaches and work with you to provide solutions to prevent flare ups in the future.

When should I seek a physiotherapist to help with my neck pain or headaches?

There are many different times when you should seek out help from a physiotherapist for your neck pain or headaches and this will largely depend on what your problem is. Examples of this may include:

Acute Pain: Acute neck pain is very common and can be caused by simply moving your head suddenly or completing unfamiliar movements. When this occurs the joints within the neck and surrounding ligaments become painful and then in turn cause the surrounding muscles to stiffen and restrict movement.

Chronic Pain: Chronic neck pain is when you have an acute case that keeps on coming back or when the acute pain goes untreated or does not improve. These cases can often be more difficult to source the exact cause of your pain and will often involve a more in depth look into the causes or triggers for your pain.

Acute and Chronic headaches: Acute and chronic headaches which are caused by the cervical spine or surrounding muscle tension can be effectively treated by physiotherapists. It is best advised to get onto treating these as soon as possible to not only decrease pain but identify triggers for the headaches.

Recovery from injury: There are many injuries to both the neck and upper body which can cause neck pain. Often during the recovery process people will experience long lasting pain or stiffness to surrounding joints and muscles which physiotherapy can help with.

Recovery from surgery: During the process of recovering from many surgeries neck pain or stiffness can be extremely common regardless of if the neck was operated on. Frequently when we have operations we go through a period of being less active which can cause pain and stiffness in the neck. Physiotherapy can be beneficial during this process to help strengthen and retrain surrounding muscles while decreasing pain.

Physiotherapy for Neck Pain, Headaches and Migraines at Medical on Miami

The qualified team of skilled and experienced physiotherapists at Medical on Miami are well equipped to help those suffering from neck pain, headaches or migraines. If you are suffering an acute episode or a chronic flare up then get in touch with the friendly admin team at Medical on Miami .

Please contact the friendly team at Medical on Miami on 0755 765 832 to make your next physio appointment today or book online here


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