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Miami Gold Coast Physiotherapy

You might be used to visiting your GP and only having the basic services available, but in here at
MEDICAL ON MIAMI we PRIDE ourselves on a high level of care across a broad spectrum of health care services including:


The relationship between a Doctor, nurse and patient is a critical one for successful healthcare. People are often afraid of anything even remotely ‘procedural’. Here at Medical on Miami we believe we can instill confidence in you and your family. We want the very best wellness outcomes. There may still be fear – that’s only natural, but our goal is to have that lessen as we care for you and your loved ones. We are proud of our cohort of professionals. Each GP and nurse comes with their own unique flair and finesse for the work they do and are embedded in their craft, continuously learning and honing our skills.


We’re very fortunate to have Josh Noble, Di Slater, & Marc Del Gallo as our leading Physiotherapists. Each with outstanding histories of incredible outcomes for our patients, we know you’ll be more than pleased with their services.


Brooke Smith, David Neophyton, & Anthony Engel are fully vested in their fields – expert listeners, they have the ability to offer wisdom and tools to get through this dynamic world we live in. Don’t hold back. Make a booking.


We are very fortunate to have Dr Amanda Adams, Dr Jim Abraham, Dr Lachlan Fieldhouse & Dr Ankur approved to prescribe Medicinal Cannabis in our clinic. As you can imagine there are very strict guidelines for approval, but if you’d like a discussion around this option you are welcome to make an appointment!


We have Dr Stephen Thomas who works solely in the skin cancer arena.
All of our GPS can do a skin cancer check but, Dr Stephen works mainly in the skin cancer arena.


It’s misleading, the word “diet”ician. It’s not just about the size and weight – it’s also about nutrition and healthy eating for a long sustainable life. The world of carbs, proteins and fats is pretty confusing. Katie Harris, being a qualified Dietician, can guide you on your journey. Make an appointment and feel healthy eating as part of your lifestyle.


We offer engaging and innovative workshops and classes hosted by some of the best minds in their given fields, stay up to date via our social media and newsletters.


Have you ever tried Pilates Reformer?  An all-over body workout that will help transform the way you look and feel by building strength, teaching body awareness, good posture and helping to relieve back pain.
We have A Clinical Pilates Instructor and Physiotherapist, Diane Slater. Di has used the Pilates method for over 20 years. If you are suffering from chronic back, neck or joint pain or wish to prevent injury and keep fit by improving core stability and muscle strength, tone and flexibility, Di can help. Check with your Private Health to see if you qualify for a rebate. We have Hi-Caps on-site for a rebate if you do!

we also have:

We are also your go-to for, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, Children’s Medicine, Travel Health, Pre-Employment Medicals and much, much more.

We look forward to seeing you here at MEDICAL ON MIAMI soon!