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Dr Rach is a qualified Medical Doctor and Naturopath.
She has dedicated her life to learning about wellness and how to re-establish balance and a sense of peace. She has seen both sides of the health industry and believes they are both valid and valuable.
Bringing the power of both fields into our clinic we are so proud to provide you with the level of care you and your loved ones deserve.

Dr Rachel Wyndham

Look at that smile!
Dr Alex relocated to the Gold Coast for a working holiday from NZ...he enjoyed the place so much he decided to stay!
Before working as a GP Dr Alex has spent 3 years working in Emergency and Pediatric departments on the Gold Coast.
Dr Alex enjoys all aspects of general practice and is ready to meet you and your family.

Dr Alex Thompson

Prior to studying medicine Dr Moni studied communications, business and finance.
Dr Moni has a passion for Sports Medicine and has a special interest in the field of Orthopaedics.
She loves to spend time with her dog and in her spare time she enjoys running and keeping fit...and baking us stuff!

Dr Moni Brunt-Mackenzie

Dr Greg is passionate about helping his patients achieve their best possible health. He loves the variety of General medicine and actively promotes preventative health measures.
His special interests include allergies, child and adolescent health, skin related disorders including acne, and men’s health.
Dr Greg is adept at Skin Cancer Management and performs minor procedures if required.

Dr Greg Shrimpton

Dr Amanda Adams loves being a GP – she believes it to be a privilege.
Emigrating to the Gold Coast in 2011, Amanda is particularly interested in managing chronic disease (like diabetes, heart disease, respiratory medicine and gastroenterology), skin cancer, women’s health and mental health.
She is officially Approved to prescribe Medicinal Cannabis and is taking appointments.⁣
Dr Amanda enjoys her time with her husband and 3 children, on the beach, on the water, and in the water.

Dr Amanda Adams

Originally from New Zealand, Dr John Ward has worked as a GP on the Gold Coast for the past few years.
Prior to this, Dr John has gained many years experience working in a variety of Emergency Departments across Australasia.
Dr John enjoys all aspects of General Practice with a specific interest in sports medicine and is currently a GP for our locals, the Burleigh Bears.

Dr John Ward

Dr Jane is a kind-hearted, straight-forward, empathetic doctor, has enjoyed the warm shores of the Gold Coast for many years, making it her home with her family.
As a GP, Jane enjoys the wide range of services to offer her patients.

Dr Jane Wehipeihana

Practicing in Burleigh since 1997 Dr Mark Spanner has opened the prestigious Medical on Miami.
A Fellow of the RACGP, Dr Mark plays an active role in educating medical students and doctors specialising in family medicine.
Dr Mark has great interest in all aspects of family medicine including Adult Healthcare, Pediatrics and Obstetrics.
An avid fisherman, Dr Mark runs with the Canadian salmon each year.
Dr Mark enjoys practicing at the beautiful Medical on Miami and boutique-style Burleigh Cove.

Dr Mark Spanner
Medical Director

Dr Danika Fietz - Skin Cancer Medicine
Dr Danika was awarded Royal Australian College of General Practitioners Fellowship in 2010.
She went on to complete a Masters of Medicine in Primary Care Diagnosis and Management of Skin Cancer.
With an eye for detail Danika found she was drawn to the focus needed for skin cancer assessments and treatment.
In our practice, Dr Danika works solely in the skin cancer arena.
Dr Danika also works as a GP Liaison Officer and Forensic Medical Officer at the Gold Coast University Hospital.

Dr Danika Fietz

Dr Leesa Paki is a warm and light-spirited doctor. Always calm and extremely clever, Dr Leesa has loved the warm shores of the Gold Coast for many years, making it her home with her family.
She’s shreds on the ski slopes of Japan and NZ as well!
As a GP, Dr Leesa enjoys the wide range of services to offer her patients.

Dr Leesa Paki

Dr Amy Thornely worked in the Royal Australian Air Force for 7 years as a Medical Officer.
Dr Amy enjoys all aspects of general practice focusing on preventative care. Her special interests include Child Health, Obstetrics and Women’s Health.
Dr Amy has a passion for travel, dancing and chooses to enjoy her time relaxing on our beautiful beaches with her family.
Dr Amy enjoys practicing at the beautiful Medical on Miami and boutique-style practice Burleigh Cove.

Dr Amy Thornely

Dr. Cecilia Pousette was born in Sweden many moons ago!
Dr Cecilia decided that being a doctor would be very interesting, challenging, stimulating and fulfilling.
Love brought her to Australia, completing university in Victoria.
Dr Cecilia loves General Medicine and feels it a privilege to know people and their circumstances.
Her special interests include Paediatrics, Adolescents, Women’s health and Psychology.
Dr Cecilia enjoys practicing at the beautiful Medical on Miami and boutique-style Burleigh Cove.

Dr Cecilia Pousette

Dr Guy, one of the kindest GPs you may ever meet, has a keen interest in all aspects of General Practice. He loves it all!
Dr Guy enjoys practicing at the beautiful Medical on Miami and boutique-style practice Burleigh Cove.

Dr Guy Bouchet

Dr Ben Jansen is a Fellow of RACGP and RNZCGP. Ben is also a Fellow of the Royal New Zealand College of Urgent Care.
Ben’s interests include exploring Medicinal Cannabis outcomes, sports injury and concussion management.
Ben is the Club Doctor for Burleigh Bears League Club.
He and his wife have 2 lovely children and love life on the Gold Coast.

Dr Ben Jansen

Dr Peter Koster has a special interest in sporting injuries and has been in General Practice for many years with Dr Mark in Burleigh.
If you need a Recreational and Sport Diving Medical (SCUBA) in our picturesque waters, Dr Peter is certified.
Dr Peter enjoys practicing at the beautiful Medical on Miami and boutique-style practice Burleigh Cove.

Dr Peter Koster

Dr Nick is the Executive Dean of Health Sciences and Medicine at Bond University, a Fellow of the RACGP and also the Australasian College of Tropical Medicine.
Dr Nick’s special interests include travel health, preventive medicine and respiratory illnesses.
When not at Medical on Miami Dr Nick is involved in research and teaching at Bond University.
Since coming to the Gold Coast in January 2019 Dr Nick has been learning to surf!

Dr Nick Zwar

Dr Katharine Wallis is an experienced General Practitioner who, when not working at Medical on Miami, works as a GP Academic at the University of Queensland involved in teaching and research. Katharine is a Fellow of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine and the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners. Katharine’s special interests include the health of women, children and older people. Dr Katharine Wallis welcomes you to Medical on Miami.

Dr Katharine Wallis

Dr Paul Condoleon, MBBS, has been officially Approved and has joined the Medicinal Cannabis Clinic. Practicing on Tuesdays, Dr Paul welcomes you.

Dr Paul Condoleon

Joshua Noble has a Bachelor of Physiotherapy from the University of Queensland. He has extensive experience in both orthopaedics, private practice and as a Sports Physiotherapist. He is currently the Senior Physiotherapist for the Burleigh Bears Rugby League Club and is an accredited ASCA Level 1 Coach and clinical Pilates Instructor. He has a particular interest in endurance sport athletes and occupational physiotherapy and rehabilitation. Josh welcomes you to Medical on Miami, Level 2.

Josh Noble

A Clinical Pilates Instructor and Physiotherapist, Di has used the Pilates method for almost 20 years. If you are suffering from chronic back, neck or joint pain or wish to prevent injury and keep fit by improving core stability and muscle strength, tone and flexibility, Di can help. Check with your Private Health to see if you qualify for a rebate. We have Hi-Caps on site for a rebate if you do!

Diane Slater

Tennille Sewell graduated from Griffith University with a Masters in Physiotherapy & Bachelor in Exercise Science. She has been the Physiotherapist for local rugby union and AFL teams as well as the local gymnastics team. Tennille finished her Masters in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy at the University of Queensland in 2017. She is particularly interested in treating cervicogenic headaches and chronic spinal conditions but can help you with all your musculoskeletal concerns. She is experienced in Clinical Pilates and Dry Needling and strives to ensure an individualised evidence based approach for each of her clients.

Tennille Sewell

Emily completed her B.Phys with Honours from Brunel University, London. For the last ten years, Emily has worked in Brisbane Hospital, offering excellent skill set that enables her to treat a wide range of conditions. Emily worked many years in Brain Injury Rehab unit, Acute Neuro unit, and Chronic Back Pain clinic. Emily particularly enjoys rehabilitating the ageing population and ensuring everyone is living their best life. Emily offers an individualised approach to treatment that incorporates a balance of hands-on techniques, exercise prescription including pilates, and education.

Emily Brown

Jodie is a compassionate and caring Clinical Psychologist who understands chapters in our lives are painful and difficult to walk alone. Jodie offers clients time and space to acknowledge their struggles, to identify their fears and vulnerabilities and to develop the awareness and practical skills to ease their way forward. Jodie supports her clients through challenging times, building resilience and life skills that promote growth and well-being. Jodie works with a range of teenage and adult presentations including depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss, relationships, life transitions, perinatal issues, substance abuse and stress.

Dr. Jodie Bradnam
Clinical Psychologist

Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy soul. We are not born with a set of instructions to navigate the changing stressors in our lives, or cope with significant traumas we may experience. What we can do is be heard and learn how to cope and soon find some joy. Psychologists are just the people who have this ‘instruction manual’. They are trained in the art of truly listening and offer ideas and methods we could never dream about, particularly when we are in crisis. Having been practising on the Gold Coast for over 25 years, David is embedded in the community. He has 3 children, loves to travel and is in constant pursuit of happiness. David is available on Fridays. He looks forward to seeing you.

David Neophyton

Anthony is a registered Psychologist with over 20 years experience. A kind and inspiring man, he works with children, adolescents and adults, specialising in all forms of anxiety (GAD, PTSD, OCD, Panic, Social, Performance and Specific Phobias). He also has expertise in: Stress Management, Depression, Adjustment Disorders, Anger Management, Loss and Grief, and Addictions. He assists clients with low self-esteem and confidence building, identity issues, personal development and school and work/career concerns. As a client-centred psychologist, Anthony uses evidence-based approaches according to each client’s individual needs.

Anthony Engel

Are you tired of moving in pain? Alex offers choices around getting the body moving again, after years of inactivity, trauma or chronic pain. No lock-in contracts - take the first...step.

Alex Quaife
Personal Trainer

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