Vertigo & Dizziness


Is the room spinning, or is just me?

Physiotherapy for Vertigo and Dizziness

Vertigo and dizziness affects many people of different ages and can severely impact your quality of life and control over day to day living. The physiotherapists at Medical on Miami offer physiotherapy for those suffering from vertigo and dizziness.

What causes Vertigo & What is the difference between “Vertigo” & “Dizziness”?

Vertigo and dizziness are very similar in their presentation however there are a few key differences that separate the two.

Vertigo is most commonly triggered by issues within the inner ear. A common symptom during vertigo is that people will often feel like the room is spinning and this movement will make it hard for the individual to stay balanced.

Dizziness on the other hand is quite broad in its description and can have many different symptom descriptions. Some refer to it as the process of feeling disoriented, unsteady or light headed. The cause of dizziness can also be quite broad coming from reduced blood flow, concussion, neck complaints, inner ear disorders or psychological issues.

How serious is vertigo and dizziness?

Although in most cases vertigo and dizziness is not consider too serious it can have a massive impact on your ability to complete day to day tasks and impede on your quality of life. Those suffering from vertigo or dizziness avoid things like driving, using public transport, exercising and walking due to their unsteadiness.

If you are experiencing vertigo and dizziness it’s best to get it assessed and treated as soon as possible so that you can get back to living your life.

Can physiotherapy help with Vertigo and Dizziness?

Physiotherapy can be a very successful treatment method for those suffering from vertigo and dizziness. This area of physiotherapy is referred to as vestibular physiotherapy and can be used to treat Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV), vestibular migraines and inner ear infections.

The process involves an in depth comprehensive assessment to determine the cause of your issue as well as referring you onto a medical specialist for further testing if necessary.

Physiotherapy for Vertigo, what’s involved?

Vestibular physiotherapy can be carried out by all physiotherapist however more complex cases are best handled by professionals who have completed additional studies in the area. Various treatments are involved with vestibular physiotherapy and some may include:

Repositioning techniques:

For conditions such as BPPV which affect the inner ear can be treated very well with repositioning techniques. The idea behind this is to complete a certain manoeuver to rebalance issues within the inner ear. This is especially effective for those who experience vertigo when laying down or turning over in bed.


Balance exercises:

Balance exercises challenge many systems within the human body. The purpose for them in dizziness and vertigo clients is to challenge the vestibular system to improve its strength and in turn your confidence during day to day activities.

Habituation exercises:

Habituation exercises involve specific movements intended to gently stimulated the symptoms of dizziness. This process has 2 key benefits, the first is that it determines potential triggers for your dizziness. Secondly it gradually strengthens your vestibular system to these movements which in turn decreases the severity of the symptoms.

Eye-head coordination exercises:

Eye-head coordination exercises may be used to help improve your ability to focus on objects. By improving the ability to focus visually it can improve the vestibular systems ability to handle movement and in turn decrease dizziness.

Vertigo and Dizziness Treatment at Medical on Miami

The qualified and experienced physiotherapy team at Medical on Miami can assist you with your dizziness and vertigo problems. If you are currently suffering from vertigo or dizziness then get in touch with the friendly admin team at Medical on Miami.

Please contact the friendly team at Medical on Miami on 0755 765 832 to make your next physio appointment today or book online here


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