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General Practice Medicine

The relationship between a doctor, nurse and you is a critical one for successful healthcare. Here at Medical on Miami, we believe we can instill confidence in you and your family. We want the very best wellness outcomes for you. We are proud that these professionals that have chosen Medical on Miami to work from. They each come with their own unique flair and finesse for the work they do and are embedded in their craft, continuously learning and honing skills.

Skin Cancer Management

It doesn't matter what part of the beautiful rainbow of colours your skin is, it needs to be checked like everything else. Wouldn’t it be great to be checked by someone who is professional and incredibly talented? At Medical on Miami we have all the bells and whistles!

Medicinal Cannabis Prescribing

We are very fortunate to have select doctors who choose to prescribe Medicinal Cannabis in our practice.
There are very strict guidelines for approval, but if you'd like a discussion around this option you are welcome to make an appointment!
Initial consultation for Medicinal Cannabis is for 30 minutes and the cost is $325.00 All follow-up appointments are $89.10.

*Your referral/medication history/results/reports must be brought with you to your initial consult. *Please advise reception when booking that your appointment is for a "Medicinal Cannabis Appointment".

Cosmetic Injectables

Dr Jim has provided his clients with industry-leading products for over 20 years.
Come visit Dr Jim for a consultation on what's possible for you.

Aviation Medicals

Dr Jim Abrahams, a DAME (Designated Aviation Medical Examiner) for CASA offers Aviation Medicals.
Book in early for your Annual Review.

Pre-Employment Medicals

Medical assessments are customised to suit the requirements of the job.
Call to speak with our Lead Registered Nurse for a quote for your company today!


We're very fortunate to have an expert team of leading Physiotherapists in our rooms.
Each with outstanding histories and outcomes for patients, we know you'll be more than pleased with their services.

Physio-Lead Pilates

The wonders of all-over body workout that will help transform the way you look and feel by building strength, teaching body awareness, good posture and helping to relieve back pain.
Check with your private health if you are eligible for a rebate. We have HiCaps onsite ready for you!


An astute set of Psychologists within in our rooms, each one fully vested in their fields.
Expert listeners, they have the ability to offer wisdom and tools to get through this dynamic world we live in.
Don't hold back. Make a booking.


It's not all about the size and weight - it's also about nutrition and healthy for a long sustainable life. The world of carbs, proteins and fats is pretty confusing.
Make an appointment and have healthy eating as part of your lifestyle.


We are proud to offer a Pharmacy within our building!
Situated on the Ground Floor, you will find them to the left side of the glass doors.


For the comfort and convenience of patients, we have Pathology onsite! The company offer a comprehensive suite of pathology tests, provided by their very own clinical support team. This ensures you and your Doctor have accurate, timely and appropriate results. Just another great reason to be here!


We are proud to offer a Radiology practice within the centre! Situated on the Ground Floor, you will find them to the right side of the glass doors.


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