What is Chronic Disease?

We don’t mean to scare you, but you might be heading towards a chronic disease & may not actually be aware of it.

So, what is a chronic disease? Let us try and help remove the “stigma” or fear for you.

Let’s start by defining the word “Chronic” (of an illness). This means an illness that has been persisting for a long time (at least 6 months) or constantly recurring.

It’s not necessarily all doom and gloom! The good news is we live in AUSTRALIA! We currently have excellent support via Medicare to help us discuss measures and lifestyle choices that could treat you and help prevent further illness.

Common chronic diseases include:

Arthritis, asthma, back pain, heart disease, mental health conditions and obesity.
The benefit of being assessed with a chronic disease is that your GP can help you live as comfortably as possible and also help treat and hopefully help prevent further illness.

Patients with a ‘chronic disease’ are eligible for a ‘chronic disease treatment plan’. It may include, dietician appointments, physiotherapy sessions or other related treatment options. Some of these may be covered by Medicare, so it is well worth seeing if you or a loved one may be eligible as these can also apply to all age sectors, from children to elderly.

HEALTH ASSESSMENTS FOR people between the age of 45-49 (inclusive)
Did you know MEDICARE offers a Health Assessment for 45-49 year old’s who may be at risk of developing a chronic disease? Let’s try to prevent it! It takes an hour and is billed directly to Medicare!

This is a ONE TIME appointment that will help assess you and help you stay on track with your health journey into the latter part of your life. Let’s help keep you fit & healthy so you can enjoy your later years.

During your appointment, your regular GP and Nurse will gather comprehensive information, including your medical history, perform an examination of your physical and medical condition as well as psychological and social function. This way a comprehensive preventive health care management plan can be created just for you.

Speak to your GP or their Nurse to see if you are eligible. BOOK TODAY